Lock and Load With the Best Mortgage Refinance Rates

Cashing in on the decline of interest rates can give you the best mortgage refinance deals, but can this happen all the time? Lock and luck The interest rates of mortgages saw a decline in four successive weeks in August of 2007. If you were waiting to lock in your interest rate for your mortgage refinance loan, this was the best time to do it. Bear in mind that the market will always be fickle and there is no singular best mortgage refinance interest rate. If you are home buyer and already purchased a house, you're just in time to cash in for the lock. You would have gotten savings with the best mortgage refinance interest rate for as much as 5.81%, which is lower by .53% than last year's average high of 6.34%. The borrowers were in luck to lock their interest rates at that very opportune time and if that fates smile down on you, you just might be next. You could lock in a low interest rate during the first 30-45 day period of your mortgage refinance loan, only to find out there is a much lower rate the next month. Currently, the trend is showing a decline but market analysts are predicting a rise after 12 months. What good is locking in? A rate lock guarantees the borrower that his or her mortgage will have a definite interest rate, set points, and other preset fees. If you were unable to purchase your new home during the period, you are going to pay the higher rate when the interest rises. Borrowers are then advised not to lock in immediately after a week of the loan if they haven't found a property yet. They must know that the 30-45 days provided for allows for additional processing, contingencies, and some settlements, so take your time before you lock in. Fortunately, there are lenders who automatically extend the lock. But some charge a fee to extend the period and the rate lock costs are not uniform. The fees are either charged up front, or added to the loan rate; the longer the lock period, higher fees will be applied. To protect your interests, have the locking agreement in writing. A verbal one may not hold water and you cannot present any proof when the time comes. For the lock contract, have all the specifics outlined. The first lock date, the lock period, lock cost and fees, and the post lock details should also be specific in the document. Most documents include interest rate and points at best. Mortgage refinance companies will also allow you to put a lock to your application when the things are looking bleak. Looking for the best mortgage refinance deals? The main reason why you are looking for the best mortgage refinance deal is to save money. So look around to see what the lending companies have to offer. Work out the math before signing the loan application because some unscrupulous lenders may spring some nasty surprises despite their advertisements of low interest rates. Picture this, if your present debts are wiping you out at 20% each year, the best mortgage refinance package will cost you little at 6% if you just know how to maneuver your way through the jargon and the figures. Get a money counselor to walk you through the maze. Who says you need to make a go at it alone? The site uses cookies. They allow us to recognize you and get information about your user experience.By continuing to browse the site, I agree to the use of cookies by the site owner in accordance with Cookie policy